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New/Returning players that are new to Derptide will find old areas that have been revamped to something new outside of retail. Here you will find various areas and quests to be explored. New characters will find the Arcanum Safehold and Marketplace very handy and useful as well. Be sure to check the patch notes often as new custom content is constantly being added to this server. We hope you have fun and enjoy your stay!

Quest Hubs
Adventurer's Guild Located: Rithwic Adventures Guild Office at 10.9N, 58.2E

Here we seek to add those who are not quite ready for the lofty heights of the Shadows of Tou-tou, or the Burun of Mountain Retreat! You see, it isn't just the biggest of beasts and apocalypse that Dereth needs help with, but the smaller pests, gathering and other little tasks the population needs help with. Do not by any means write off the chance of epic adventures though! We have contracts for a wide range of experience levels and depths! So please, enjoy your stay, look around, pick up a contract or two, but most importantly, have some fun!

Marae Lassel Portal in Town Network

A total overhaul of the island of Marae Lassel with the ability to level from 1 to 275! The addition of over 75 quests, multiple quest hub camps, and revamps of towns, addition and revamps of dungeons, and new life, creatures, and a graphical overhaul of the island makes it a fantastic place to visit and look around!

Mountain Retreat Located: 59.7N, 4.1W | Portal in Jungle Subway

A high level area where the hunters guild have established a stronghold and are offering seasoned adventures riches and rewards for helping them keep the local area secure.

Artic North Located: 93.4N, 3.3EW | Portal in Arcanum Safehold
Artic North Outpost.png

Thanks to the continued efforts of the adventurers, a new base has sprung up. Here at this base in the Artic North, one of the coldest places we could find, we built the forge. The cold of the North provides a strong ward against the forges heat. After some time we have learned to work the ore into a desirable set of weapons and armor. The forge was key and now that it has been established, we can really get to work. A few members of the Arcanum have take up residence here. Talk to the Arcanum members to pick up daily's for supplies supplies for the new Jollium armor and weapons. These new weapons are able to be made in several variations and all class types. The new Jollium armor will take further work to to support all the different classes. The base armor can be further improved with Runes and glyphs.

Town of Edelbar Located: 43.2N, 25.9E | Portal in Jungle Subway

Adventure forth heading west slightly northwest out of Holtburg to a quaint small Town of Edelbar where travelers alike can enjoy various quests, kill tasks, and collectables. Fast travel from the Jungle Sub or there is also a portal gem available. You will be well rewarded for your service. You may find in the various dungeons - Black Marrow Reliquaries, Chorozite Chests, or maybe even something completely different with its own reward. All quests are on a 20 hour repeat timer.

Town of Dryreach Located: Dryreach (8.0S, 73.0E) | Portal in Town Network
Dryreach KTs.jpg

The six Tumerok Clans have renewed their push against Dryreach! Representatives from both the Hunters Guild and Adventurers Guild have made their way to Dryreach to help stave off the attack as well as offer rewards for support from adventurers. All quests are on 20 hour repeat timers.

Kromlic's Challenge Located: Silyun at 87.3N, 70.5W | Portal in Town Network

Kromlic's Challenge is a custom quest for you to earn 1 extra Blank Augmentation Gem per week. Repeat timer is 6 days same as Bellas. Travel to Silyun and speak with Cynreow Kilthorpe in the center of town.

Arcanum Safehold Located: Portal in Town Network on the Annex Side, Left Side
Arcanum Safehold Large.jpg

The Arcanum Safehold is a safe haven for all players to congregate and the social hub of Derptide!

Inside you'll find special NPC vendors, crafters, collectors, tailors, tinker helpers, buff bots, and a bartender along with many players who are hanging out forming quest groups, chatting, and trading.

Marketplace Located: Portal in Town Network on the Annex Side, Right Side or by using the "/mp" command in chat

The Marketplace has several quality-of-life vendors to help NEW/Returning/Restarting players get on their feet with pre-rendered weapons and no drop armor that range from Level 0-150+ wield req with Cantrips from Minors to Epics.

KFC Located: Portal in Town Network on the Annex Side, Lower Level

If you're looking to level without going through quests, you can visit KFC and join a fellow and level to 275 in no time. You are welcome to join a fellow (tell nearby players with a private tell "xp" to join) and stand at the entrance to leech xp or head down and join the fight (level 100+ recommended). If you're joining the fight, we recommend your best fire weapon!