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As Broad as it is Long - June 2022
Thanks to the combined efforts of a large group of adventurer’s, and info from the Arcanum’s scouts. We were able to find one of the Malvarma Holding areas and I thought we had made actual progress in finding Raxon’ Va.
As the adventurers and I delved deeper into the Chamber of Stasis, my heart weakened more, The Malvarma have made various simulacrums that look almost
indistinguishable from rax . we met several new variations of their experiments, and found they are even further corrupting the Carebears.
At least we did find two friends we thought had already perished at the hand of the malvarma, their particular skills will be even more sought after as we continue our search, Enoch is able to craft gems from luminance, that allow us to more easily understand how to activate the magics on armor, and Lanksy’s gems
allow us to understand defensive requirements of some of the armor we’ve found out in the wild.
After we cleared the stasis chambers, I made sure to make haste to get the staff and kabuton that Raxon’ Va left behind when they transferred him to a new
location… one can only hope we find him soon, he was the best scout we had, and honestly i don’t know that we would have learned any of what we had about the malvarma before his capture.
~General Kuroji, LC 25, 71 P.Y.
No Safe Space - April 2022
Report on the Malvarma activities and silence:
The Malvarma had been quiet for months now. We knew they where up to something all the times they had previously attacked us in different places, Viridian
Rise, Rithwic, and Arwic amongst many other places.
The down time has been great for our findings on the new ore that has been found rarely up north, the Arcanum has found ways to utilize it for both weapons
and armor. We will however have to see if adventurers can help us gather materials to build a forge capable of withstanding the heat and energies needed to
make it into something malleable and less brittle than it’s base form.
Silence and peace seem to always come at a huge cost in Dereth however, today the Malvarma came in force and destroyed what many of the adventurers
called home, Adventurers Haven fell late in the evening and we retrieved all that we could amidst the chaos. Few where lost to the intense heat, and battle.
Till we find a way to more efficiently battle the malvarma, and their creations, we have provided those adventurers with a safe place that Nuhmudira has warded
against all but Isparians and the allied races. It used to be a storage space for the radiant blood , but it should suffice as a place for all to rest and trade their
I will Continue to Monitor the Malvarma activity, and we will find a way to stop them.
Raxon’ Va