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Server Connection Instructions
Server Type ACE
Server Address ac.derptide.net:9000
Port 9000
Server Connection Rules
  • You may have as many accounts as you wish, but no more than 3 accounts actively combatting may be logged in at a time.
  • If you have other players in your household, please let a member of the server team know so an exception can be added.
In-Game Rules
  • Have fun. This is a game after all.
  • Be kind. Drama will NOT be tolerated.
  • Do not take away from the fun of others.
  • If you find an exploit or broken item, please let a staff member know.
  • If these rules are not followed, we will revoke your ability to play on the server immediately.
New to Asheron's Call
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Welcome to Derptide

Derptide is home to a fantastic community of Asheron's Call players that have played since beta through new players just now experience AC for their first time. We welcome you to join us and come be part of the family. It is also highly recommended you join our Discord Server, as game chat, suggestions, and overall community building happens there as well as in game!

What Makes Derptide Unique

  • Live story arcs being written and developed
  • Live events that feel like the retail experience
  • 2x experience and 1.5x Luminance are ALWAYS ON with a 3 million Luminance bank
  • Reworked enlightenment to provide a better ascension experience
  • Fellow without xp restrictions starting at level 1 and up to 18 person fellows
  • Leveling paths for ACM/UCM including the custom KFC dungeon
  • Ironman challenge for those hardcore or sadomasochistic players
  • Nearly updated every quest weapon to be useful for its intended tier
  • Balanced Tier 8 monsters, weapons, and armor
  • Tons of new creatures and adventuring areas added and rare boss spawns with unique loot
  • Custom quest hubs, towns, and forts added
  • Well over 300 updated quests, and 1000+ updated items
  • 19 new spells in a new magic line, learnable by war, life or void casters.
  • New items created, old items restored, custom tailoring, armor reductions and stacking
  • Banking system to store your currencies.
  • And a whole lot more, see our Patch Notes for a comprehensive list

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