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Preparing for tier 8

This is a list of recalls that once completed will give you a quick way back to the content.

New Character Checklist
Quest Name Location Level Fellowship/Solo
Lady Aerfalle Quest Aerlinthe 45 Fellowship
The Legend of the Tusker Paw Aphus Lassel 80 Fellowship
Ulgrim's Recall Scroll Ayan Baqur 50 Solo
Bur Recall Quest Bur 150 Solo
Scepter of the Portal Currents Candeth Keep 100 Solo
Gauntlet Celestial Hand Stronghold 180 Locked Fellowship
Scroll of Colosseum Recall Colosseum Any Fellowship
Gauntlet Eldrytch Web Stronghold 180 Locked Fellowship
Scroll of Lost City of Neftet Recall Neftet Encampment Any Solo
Rynthid Foothold Rynthid Encampment,

Infested Plains

180 Fellowship
Facility Hub Portal Gem Facility Hub 10 Solo
Scroll of Gear Knight Invasion Area Camp Recall Gear Knight Invasion Area Any Solo
Glenden Wood Invaders Glenden Wood 60 Solo
Scroll of Ancient Graveyard Recall Graveyard Any Solo
The Healer's Heart Quest Ithaenc Cathedral Any Solo
Water of Mount Lethe Mount Lethe 20 Fellowship/Solo
Scroll of 'Infested Area' Recall Paradox-touched Valley Any Solo
Gauntlet Radiant Blood Stronghold 180 Locked Fellowship
Grael's Summoning Chamber Rossu Morta Chapterhouse 140 Solo
Singularity Recall Singularity Caul 90 Fellowship
Infused Amber Collection Viridian Rise 200 Solo
Infused Amber Collection Viridian Rise Deru Tree 200 Solo
Tracking Grael Whispering Blade Chapterhouse 140 Solo

This is a list of content you must do a quest to unlock.

Content Flagging: You will need to do a quest to unlock access.
Quest Name Content Unlocked Level Group/Solo
Aetheria Quest Aetheria 75, 150, 225 Solo
Asheron's Departure Lower Bur 15-79 Solo
Asheron's Departure Bur 80 Solo
Town Founder Candeth Keep Any Solo
Dark Isle Flagging Dark Isle 150 Solo
Nalicana's Test Luminance Augmentation 200 Solo
Caul Flagging Singularity Caul 50 Small Fellowship
Access to the Viridian Rise Viridian Rise Any Solo
Gateway to the Deep Vissidal Island 130 Solo
Diemos Flag XP Augmentation 120 Fellowship
Aug Gem: Sir Bellas XP Augmentation 125 Solo

Advancing to Tier 8


This will be a big step up from tier 7. A lot of these mobs require groups. I will try to give you a rough idea from my perspective. Once you hit 200ish this is what it takes to get stronger.

  • Flag for Luminance.
  • Then you are going to need to start getting XP Augmentation Gems.
  • Then you will need to unlock your 3 Aetheria slots.
  • Cover all your resists: Fire, Cold, Acid, Lightning, Pierce, Slash, Bludgeon. (Legendary)

This is really important as these extra bonuses and stats make you so much stronger. After this is started and you have a good idea what your goals are and what Augmentations you need, you should consider looking for set pieces of armor. Preferably set pieces with legendary stats and rating. Ask for help after you have outgrown your starter sets from Marketplace. We can help you get set up with a basic set to cover your resists.

Tag along if someone says they are going to do their daily's. Data does this a lot. Get a loot filter added to V-tank. I posted a good one on Derptide Discord, it’s under Meta’s. Keep an eye out on Discord for quest announcements. Sign up. Once you have done a lot of this, try hitting up Artic North and kill solo Banderlings for their Jollium ore drops. This will make you a powerful set of Jollium armor/weapons. You will need to make friends with an Alchemist to complete a set. Jollium Armor pieces come with “Hearty” set by default. The set pieces can be modified and changed. Sigils can change the set the piece belongs to. Runes will add rating up to + 3. The virindi and the bosses in the Artic North drop the Sigils and Runes. You can also pick up a few daily quests here. Turn in extra ores to Vakala of the Arcanum for Exp and a Random Sigil. Want to know more? Jollium Armor & Weapons

Tier 8

Ok if you are finally comfortable with your build and gear try these places out.