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Town Network Additions Facility Hub Additions Jungle Sub Upper Jungle Sub Lower Abandoned Mine Subway Direlands Subway
Location Level Location Level Location Level Location Level Location Level Location Level
Khayyaban Fried Chicken 1+ Tumerok Camps 40+ Underground City South Direlands 12+ Mid Direlands 18+ Asheron's Castle
Arcanum Safehold (Annex) Bandit Castle Swamp Gardens Vissidal (flag req) 130+ Abayar's Laboratory Obsidian Rim 35+
Abandoned Mine Subway (Annex) Tusker Pits 45+ Hoshino Royal Tents 180+ Beach Fort Withered Stonehold Valley 12+
Wai Jhou (Sho) Tusker Armory 50+ Wai Jhou Metos 160+ Hidden Cavern 80+ Dark Design 140+ Direlands North Landbridge 25+
Ayan Baqur (Gharu'ndim) Tusker Holding 60+ Edelbar 12+ Obsidian Rim 35+ Creepy Canyons 100+ Direlands South Landbridge 25+
Tusker Tunnels 70+ Snow Valley Cabin 180+ North Direlands 12+ Black Death Catacombs 20+ Vesayen Isles
Tusker Honeycombs 80+ Aetheria Dungeon 75+ Colosseum Arena Thrungus Hole 126+ South Shore Heights 12+
Tusker Lacuna 100+ Mountain Retreat 180+ Tusker Gauntlet 100+ Insatiable Vault 125+ Obsidian Span
Lair of Eviscerators 50+ Nexus Portal 100+ Dark Isle (flag req) 150+ Ravenous Vault 110+ Obsidian Plains 65+
Olthoi Warrior Nest 70+ Inland Sea Camp 180+ Crater Village Augmentation Realm (flag req) 125+ Direlands Southeast Shore
Mutilator Tunnels 80+ Obsidian Rim 35+ Red Spawn Den 150+
Path of the Blind 140+ Slaughterhouse
Egg Orchard Isle of Tears
Singularity Bore 50+ Black Hill
Jungle Subway (at drop)
Direlands Subway (at drop)
Candeth Keep (1st room on right)