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Town of Edelbar

Welcome to the Town of Edelbar - Lifestone 43.2N, 25.9E

Adventure forth heading west slightly northwest out of Holtburg to a quaint small Town of Edelbar where travelers alike can enjoy various quests, kill tasks, and collectables. Fast travel from the Jungle Sub or there is also a portal gem available. You will be well rewarded for your service. You may find in the various dungeons - Black Marrow Reliquaries, Chorozite Chests, or maybe even something completely different with its own reward. All quests are on a 20 Hour repeat timer. Now go explore Quest Lovers!
Start NPC Outside Inside Start NPC
Miner Julus
Miner Julus Golem Kill Task
  • Tufa Metos and Golem Sanctum are some dungeon related options

Miner Julus tells you, "Return to me after you have killed 30 Granite Golems, 30 Copper golems, and 30 Iron Golems."

  • Reward - Lum, XP, MMD's
  • Forgotten Temple - 75+

Ercel tells you, "I'm writing a book on the subject of phyntos wasp wings, but alas, I lost the book in the Forgotten Temple at 1.0N, 54.3E, near Lytelthorpe."

  • Reward - Lum, XP, MMD's
Theories about Wings
Lou Ei's Fav Bracelet
Lou Ei's Favorite Bracelet
  • Drudge Cave - Level 100+

Lou Ei tells you, "Near Yanshi, around 9.8S, 48.0E, in a small cave infested with drudges. They've stolen my favorite Bracelet!"

  • Reward - Lum, XP, MMD's (Important - Take the Writings she gives to Yanshi for your reward)
  • Mysterious Tunnels - 75+

Miyako Nijou-Wah tells you, "I left a precious volume of my poetry in some pretty tunnels at the Mysterious Tunnels 52.9S, 82.9E, near Nanto"

  • Reward - Lum, XP, MMD's, Miyako's Moonstone (Moonstone is tradeable and can be turned back in for more Lum, XP, MMD's)
Miyako Nijou-Wah
Miyako's Moonstone
Sarqah bint Ak
Quality Drudge Charm
  • Drudge Crypt - Level 100+ (more drudges, 2-3 keys drop)

Sarqah bint Ak tells you, "I have a task that I am just too tired to do myself. Around 27.8S, 12.2E, near Al-Arqas is a crypt in which drudges have taken up residence."

  • Reward - Lum, XP, MMD's
  • Lytaway Dungeon - 100+

Inuo KonKou tells you, "Recently, some creature or other stole my reference book on magical lights. The dungeon I filled with magical lights, the Kindled Path, is found at 52.6S, 86.7E, near Nanto. Look for the candles that mark the entrance."

  • Reward - Lum, XP, MMD's
Inuo KonKou
Magical Lights Reference Book
Dourhoic Gravchin
Dourhoic VoD Kill Task
  • Undead Kill 50 Task - Valley of Death

Dourhoic Gravchin tells you, "Return to me when you have killed 50 Valley of Death Undead."

  • Reward - Lum, XP, MMD's
  • Unfinished Temple - 100+

Nurbaha bint Dah tells you, "The Unfinished Temple is found at 30.1S, 9.1E, near Al-Arqas, please find my mother's rusted knife."

  • Reward - Lum, XP, MMD's
Nurbaha bint Dah
Mother's Rusted Knife
Mireia Sanahuja
Collect K'nath Spawn
  • Collect 30 K'nath Spawn - Valley of Death

Mireia Sanahuja tells you, "Make your way to the Valley of Death and bring me 30 of these K'nath Spawn, I will reward you handsomely!"

  • Reward - 7 possible rewards
  • Dry Well - 100+ (Saqat gives key for door, or you can lockpick the door)

Saqat tells you, "Make your way to 5.0S, 20.9E, you'll find an old Dry Well near Samsur. Go down into it and bring me back some well water."

  • Reward - Lum, XP, MMD's
Old Dry Well
Shaman Aun Zulabar
Magma Golem Kill Task
  • Magma Golem Kill 50 Task

Shaman Aun Zulabar tells you, "Help Dereth grow strong once more, Buhdi, slay 50 of these destructive Golems"

  • Ruined Cave Outpost - 150+

Beltslora tells you, "Find my favorite shirt in the caves at 2.3N, 48.3E, near Lytelthorpe. Be careful if you go there, follow the line of candles."

  • Reward - Lum, XP, MMD's
Beltslora's Fav Shirt
Tabni Ishtar
Fallen Energy Collect 25
  • Collect 25 Fallen Energy - Look in Valley of Death, Singularity Caul, and Vissidal

Tabni Ishtar Tells you, "Bring me 25 of these Fallen Energy from those Fallen creatures."

  • Reward - Lum, XP, MMD's
  • Sand Shallow - 100+

Hefrit Ingotmantle tells you, "I hear there are some deposits found in the Sand Shallow 11.5S, 0.7E, near Tufa. If you want some work, then bring me 25 of these Cobalt Ore."

  • Reward - Lum, XP
Hefrit Ingotmantle
Colbalt Ore
Elena Du Furza
Beacon Tower
  • Beacon Tower portal - Sanamar - 180+

Elena Du Furza tells you, "The Beacon at the top of Beacon Tower requires regular maintenance. Place this gem within the beacon."

  • Ridge Citadel 70.2S, 24.3E - 180+

Eaedwulf of Golden Flame tells you, "We of the Golden Flame cannot allow this threat to grow anymore and will offer our aid to the citizens of Qalabar. I request you slay 100 of these Lugians."

  • Reward - Lum, XP, MMD's
Lugian Kill Task
The quests below are more Group Oriented and have multiple rewards. They can be a bit more involved to complete.
Start NPC Quest Summary Reward Items
Hasin Lin
Soul Hunter
  • The Soul Hunter's Lair can be found outside of Sawato - 160+

Hasin Lin tells you, "Find the Soul Hunter's Lair, search in the area of 28.S, 56.E. Bring me back any information you can find." (The boss at the end has a book that needs to be translated first for turn in. The bow on the corpse WILL ATTUNE to the person that loots it.)

  • Reward - Lum, XP, "Attuned" Soul Hunters Bow, which can also be given back to Hasin for a 30 Pack slot, make sure a slot is free!
Secret Sacrificial Shortcut
– There is a secret shortcut, by using the sacrificial knife on the goblet then using the alter, this will flag you for the portal that takes you to 80% completion. BE WARNED - There are consequences in doing so!
Soul Hunter Bow in use
Merwart Clibbekurg
Merwart Golem Lure
  • Coral Tunnels on Aerlinthe Island - 100+

Merwart Clibbekurg tells you, "You need to lure the big Golem from the water. It likes coral, you go get coral from Coral Tunnels get a good piece, very corally." (In the tunnels you need to look for a big rock that randomly spawns somewhere inside the dungeon. It spawns the mobs that have the lure you need for the next part. Once you have the lure head to Mayoi beach heading East until you find the pool to put it in, kill the big golem and loot the Heart for your reward.)

  • Reward - Lum, XP, MMD's, and one of 4 random items - HW Lance, War Orb, TW Hammer, or a Mosswart Summons
Merwart Heavy Weapon Lance
Zaida Tuliza
Fractured Dispell Stone
  • Start the quest at the Base of Mount Zabool 21.8N, 19.5E, you will need to mountain hop these dungeons for the keys

Zaida Tuliza tells you, "During my studies I would read a lot about the laboratory that used to be within Sylfear. I was led to understand that kept within the laboratory are experimental Dispell Stones."

  • Reward - Lum, XP, and a Fractured Dispell Gem that dispels level 8's, unlimited use with a 10% chance to break! (You may also return the Dispell gem and receive an additional reward.)
Fractured Dispell Stone
  • Collegium Occultus Ring/Orb Quest

Chaenath Ararie tells you, "Greetings, maybe you can help me? You see, I was once a student of the great Knorr Acadamy, I was learning the ways of Collegium Occultus. I have learned though that Harlune seems to carry what is left of these rings. If you can please him or his subordinate Roderick enough to gain one, I will reward you well." (Refer to the retail quest Collegium_Occultus_Ring_Quest for completion, some things have been slightly customized here)

  • Reward - Lum, XP, MMD's, Occultus Ring or you can turn the ring in for the Orb
Collegium Occultus Orb.jpg
  • Ol' One Eye Cave - Around 50S, 53W

Hereweald Drythelm tells you, "Ey' mate, you ever heard of the tale of Ol' One Eye? Nah? Well, you are in for a treat. Ol' One Eye is one of them Reedsharks ya see, sneaky bugger. Lately I've been tracking the git, think I found his home too, somewhere around 50S, 53W, so if ya fancy a challenge, got over there." (Be sure to loot his Eye for the Gun reward)

  • Reward - Lum, XP, MMD's, and a Gun (missile weapon uses musket balls sold at the Edelbar smith vendor)
Need to add pic of Gun here
  • Recovered Temple - Near Zaikhal 180+

Emissary of Asheron tells you, Hail Lord Asheron, he has seen fit for me to be sent here to gather forces, for the Falatacot have claimed an artifact which could change the shape of the stable future we have. I must ask you to make haste to the Recovered Temple, this can be found at 6.5N, 1.7W. Go now and recover this Golem Binding Stone before they can perfect this craft."

  • Reward -
  • A Small Ruin - Near Lin around 53S, 71E

In your mind - The false idol must be stopped so peace can return between the local tribes, yet all attempts to gather it have failed, it seems magically resistant on its pedestal to those not under this influence. Maybe if you slay 30 of these rival tribersruschk in revenge you shall have enough blood on your hands to fool the foul magics and return with the Totem. (Notes - kill 30, then collect the totem, turn in, and talk to npc again to be cleansed)

  • Reward -

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