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Season 1 "Winners"

The ultimate Ironman - Mute!

Longest survivor - Fin and Umbra

Most deaths - Gandalf and Chiron

Most embarrassing death - Mute and Ang

Friendly Fire - Kiva

First Death - Chiron

Creature MVP - Thieving Thrungus

The ironman challenge tests players AC resolve by playing hardcore mode on a random character attribute and skill rolls. Players roll their random character at On death, you must reroll a new character and all items collected on the dead character cannot be transferred to the new character, a clean start every time. Every Ironman season, Dereth changes for those participating, read the patch notes related to Ironman seasons.

Ironman Rules

The following rules are established for hardcore seasons. There may be additional season specific rules as well.

Build Rules

  • All Ironman characters must have the "-IM" tag in their name
  • You are allowed a single reroll on your first build, none on additional builds
  • Cannot delete disliked rolls before death
  • All build rolls must be screen shotted and posted in the ironman-builds discord channel

Character Rules

  • Characters must have Display Deaths selected
  • The additions from the completed Training Halls are allowed
  • Must complete the Training Hall and use the Ironman Altar at the end
  • You can only make a Fellowship with other Ironman players
  • Can only trade with other Ironman player
  • Sasuage McBuffins is out of bounds
  • No pass up exp
  • No ucm

Location Rules

  • Old portal network only
  • The following locations are off-limits
    • Safehold
    • Marketplace
    • Town Network
    • Facility Hub
    • Abandon Mines Subway
    • Jungle Subway
    • Direlands Subway
    • Housing Portals

Quest Rules

  • The following quests are off-limits
    • Cow Tipping
    • Facility Hub

Additional Rules

  • Spells can only be looted
  • No hidden wilderness vendor gear
  • No assistance/interferance by non-Ironman characters
  • No stipends
  • No apprentice or master robes