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Marae Lassel Landscape Changing

A total overhaul of the island of Marae Lassel with the ability to level from 1 to 275! The addition of over 75 quests, multiple quest hub camps, and revamps of towns, addition and revamps of dungeons, and new life, creatures, and a graphical overhaul of the island makes it a fantastic place to visit and look around!


You'll find new and old NPCs in the well established towns of Greenspire, Bluespire, Redspire, Timaru, and Ahurenga, but you'll also find new groups setup in the north at Bachus Flufens' Cottage just north of Redspire, Hallows Camp, and Caravan Camp. You can find a portal to Hallows Camps in Timaru and to Caravan Camp in Bluespire.

Collectors and NPCs

With the growth of Marae Lassel, a significant population has moved to the island, including collectors and those that are seeking to help adventurers cull the islands dangers.

NPCs and Collectors
NPC Location Details
Shalon ibn Mayar the Collector Greenspire Shalon ibn Mayar the Collector tells you, "Hail traveler, if you have come across any trophies in your travels, I would be happy to take them from you, and for a price! Just be sure to bring them to me, and not Merlonna Farel or Ling Xiao, we are very competitive over our collections!"
Merlonna Farel the Collector Bluespire Merlonna Farel the Collector tells you, "You there, do you carry any trophies found on this island? I want to have the biggest collection there is! Just be sure to bring them to me, and not Shalon ibn Mayar or Ling Xiao, we are very competitive over our collections!"
Ling Xiao the Collector Redspire Ling Xiao the Collector tells you, "Welcome friend, I seek any of the weird and wonderful trophy items found across the island, I will take any you may find. Just be sure to bring them to me, and not Merlonna Farel or Shalon ibn Mayar, we are very competitive over our collections!"
Aun Mareura the Collector Timaru Aun Mareura the Collector tells you, "I am interested in collecting Olthoi claws, Rabid Carenzi Pelts, and Vapor Golem hearts. I will especially reward you for yellow Virindi jewels--those floating demons must be purged from our island!"
Hea Riketura the Collector Ahurenga Hea Riketura the Collector tells you, "I will reward you for for Carenzi Stalker pelts, Timber Siraluun claws, and Elaniwood Golem hearts. Also, our Aun brothers must be taught a lesson--if you deliver one of their pendants to me I will reward you handsomely."
Maryla the Herbalist Redspire Maryla the Herbalist tells you, "Hello there! I have come here from the Crafters Guild, I have been tasked with cataloging all of these herbs and fauna. I do how ever specialise in antidotes and curatives, which is lucky given the Hea how started to use poisons. If you are ever in need of any form of antidote, or just wish to donate any new samples you find, then please come see me."
Aun Velakhane Timaru Aun Velakhane tells you, "Welcome Buhdi, your aid is in need. The Hea raider know as Hea Karenua has stolen some amber from the Deru trees. With the power of the Deru this amber holds, it can bring out a much greater power of our sacred totems, much like the ones used for weapons of the Iron Khe. If you are to find this amber, and do not wish to enhance totems, then you can return it to me and I shall reward you."
Hea Mutuona Ahurenga You give Hea Mutuona Ale.

Hea Mutuona tells you, "That hits the spot. So, Tekapuapuh. He's this melon-headed buhka -- an idiot boy. Goes out for his first hunt alone, and finds one of those death-bringer Wharu. 'Cept he calls it 'Putiputi!' It's no ladybug! I still remember it... he comes into town, RIDING the Wharu. Nearly flattened the center of Ahurenga. He's puh now -- outcast. Lives on the tip of the delta out west of here. I hope he stays there. Anyway, thanks for the ale, human."

Hea Ihipura the Crafter Ahurenga Hea Ihipura the Crafter tells you, "Siraluun has taught me the art of crafting special items from his talons. Should you bring me one of the claws from the shorebirds along the strand, I will present you with an example of this craft."


Island Lords

With more population exploring Marae Lassel, previously unknown creatures and their lords have been discovered!

Island Lords
Creature Lord Level Reward
Nine Lives Newell 10 Eye of the Bandit
Lost Lord Terryn 85 Lord Terryn's Gloves
Star Iron Golem Praetorian 125 Star Iron Boots
The Wandering Queen 275 Hatchling Olthoi Egg

There are also rumors of additional lords in the Hallows, be careful if you're out there! If you see one, let your nearest town crier know so they can spread the word!  


A number of new Marae Lassel are looking for an adventurer to help locating items, missing people, or killing off various creatures across the island.

Kill Tasks
Starting NPC Location Recommended Level Details Reward
Romeo Osemmi Greenspire 1 Kill 15 Ochosh Niffis 30% of Level Experience (Caps 100,000,000) and a D note
Rico Cellini Greenspire 15 Kill 25 Littoral Siraluun Experience (capped at 2,600,000)
Vettorio Bilcone Bluespire 30 Kill 40 Carenzi Burrower 25% of Level Experience (Caps 300,000,000) and an MMD note
Al-Thani the Fisher Bluespire 1 Kill 30 Tidal Siraluun 30% of Level Experience (Caps 150,000,000) and an MMD note
Niccolo Brasi Redspire 1 Kill 25 Mud Golems 30% of Level Experience (Caps 100,000,000) and a D note
Susana du Loc Redspire 25 Kill 25 Hea Windreaves Experience (capped at 6,240,000)
Afra bint Abbas Redspire 60 Kill 25 Ebon Gromnies Experience (capped at 4,160,000)
Aun Zanduti Redspire 10 Kill 40 Olthoi Hatchling 40% of Level Experience (Caps 70,000,000) and 5x Health Elixers
Aun Zanduti Redspire 20 Kill 40 Olthoi Feeder 40% of Level Experience (Caps 70,000,000) and 5x Health Elixers
Aun Zanduti Redspire 30 Kill 40 Olthoi Gatherer 40% of Level Experience (Caps 70,000,000) and 5x Health Elixers
Aun Zanduti Redspire 30 Kill 40 Olthoi Cleaners 40% of Level Experience (Caps 70,000,000) and 5x Health Elixers
Aun Nokho Redspire 40 Kill 50 Olthoi Borer 40% of Level Experience (Caps 110,000,000) and 5x Health Tonics
Aun Nokho Redspire 40 Kill 50 Olthoi Defender 40% of Level Experience (Caps 110,000,000) and 5x Health Tonics
Aun Nokho Redspire 50 Kill 50 Olthoi Tracker 40% of Level Experience (Caps 110,000,000) and 5x Health Tonics
Aun Khanitha Redspire 60 Kill 50 Olthoi Stalker 40% of Level Experience (Caps 170,000,000) and 5x Health Philtres
Aun Khanitha Redspire 70 Kill 50 Olthoi Excavator 40% of Level Experience (Caps 170,000,000) and 5x Health Philtres
Aun Khanitha Redspire 70 Kill 50 Olthoi Chasers 40% of Level Experience (Caps 170,000,000) and 5x Health Philtres
Aun Khanitha Redspire 80 Kill 50 Olthoi Maimer 40% of Level Experience (Caps 170,000,000) and 5x Health Philtres
Aun Akhonga Timaru 60 Kill 50 Hea Nualuan 40% of Level Experience (Caps 210,000,000) and an MMD note
Curatio Timaru 80 Kill a combined 50 of the Martinate Preceptor, Profane and Inquisitor 40% of Level Experience (Caps 250,000,000) and an MMD note
Aun Tariua Timaru 50 Kill 50 Feral Carenzi 40% of Level Experience (Caps 210,000,000) and an MMD note
Aun Ruperea Timaru 80 Kill 50 Voracious Eater 40% of Level Experience (Caps 210,000,000) and an MMD note
Swefred Achthorp Timaru 60 Kill 25 Kithless Siraluun 40% of Level Experience (Caps 210,000,000) and an MMD note
Florrie Latimer Bachus Flufens' Cottage 80 Kill 40 Zharalim 40% of Level Experience (Caps 210,000,000) and an MMD note
Spertat the Ursuin Bachus Flufens' Cottage 30 Kill 20 Marae Ursuin 40% of Level Experience (Caps 210,000,000) and an MMD note
Hea Fuzalwe Ahurenga 80+ Kill 1 Adolescent Celadon Gromnie (level 180) 40% of Level Experience (Caps 400,000,000)

And one of:

Hea Rogyiu Ahurenga 50 Kill 25 Mist Golems 30% of Level Experience (Caps 300,000,000) and a D note
Matthias Eckhart Rebel Hideout 100 Kill 30 Earthborer Armoredillo ?% of Level Experience (Caps ?)
Fernando Vaz Caravan Camp 80 Kill 30 Copper Gromnie 30% of Level Experience (Caps 400,000,000) and an MMD note
Fredu Roull Hallows Camp 150 Kill 40 Razortooth Carenzi 40% of Level Experience (Caps 500,000,000) and an MMD note
Lensa Ravlynn Hallows Camp 150 Kill 50 Olthoi in the Hallows 40% of Level Experience (Caps 500,000,000) and an MMD note
Aun Avakhane Hallows Camp 150 Kill 50 Hea in the Hallows 40% of Level Experience (Caps 500,000,000) and an MMD note
Phaendar Hallows Camp 150 Kill 25 Martinate Virindi Quidiox 40% of Level Experience (Caps 500,000,000) and an MMD note
Reginald the Hunter Hallows Camp 150 Kill 30 Ironwing Siraluun 40% of Level Experience (Caps 500,000,000) and an MMD note
Collection Quests
Starting NPC Location Recommended Level Details Reward
Channeh Bajo Greenspire 30 Collect 10 Gold Teeth from Highwayman 60% of Level Experience (Caps 225,000,000)
Segundo Vale Bluespire 45 Collect 15 Strand Siraluun Livers 30% of Level Experience (Caps 300,000,000)

And one of:

Seki Nori Bluespire 10 Collect 15 Hea Drum Skins 30% of Level Experience (Caps 300,000,000)
Turino Ribini Bluespire 40 Collect 15 Olthoi Soldier Membranes 30% of Level Experience (Caps 300,000,000)

And one of:

Otto Selino Bluespire 80 Collect 10 Iron Star Fragments 40% of Level Experience (Caps 320,000,000)

And one of:

Merwart Ruarok Bachus Flufens' Cottage 80 Collect 20 Marae Corals 40% of Level Experience (Caps 320,000,000)

And one of:

Hea Thuliso the Cook Ahurenga 60 Collect 6 Eggs from Siraluun nests at 46.5N, 87.7W 30% of Level Experience (Cap 300,000,000)
Hea Nelashe Ahurenga 80 Collect 10 Marae Phyntos Honey 25% of Level Experience (Caps 200,000,000)

And one of:

Hea Ulne Ahurenga 60 Collect 20 Aquidah Niffis Shell 30% of Level Experience (Caps 300,000,000)

And one of:

Gromnie Caravan Camp 80 Collect 10 Sable or Ebon Gromnie Teeth ?% of Level Experience (Caps ?)

And one of:

Spertat the Ursuin Hunter Caravan Camp 80 Collect 15 Raging Ursuin Teeth 40% of Level Experience (Caps 350,000,000)

And one of:

Aya Mashi Caravan Camp 80 Collect 10 Martinate Simulacrum Heads 28% of Level Experience (Caps 200,000,000)
  • 5x Gem of Stillness
Marceli Drabik Caravan Camp 80 Collect 15 Nesluysten Stone 30% of Level Experience (Caps 300,000,000)
Gragni Vonrael Hallows Camp 150 Collect 15 Hallows Sleech Shells 30% of Level Experience (Caps 500,000,000)

And one of:

  • Unknown
  • Unknown
  • Unknown
  • Unknown
Aun Thotongo Hallows Camp 150 Collect 20 of the Corrupted Totems 40% of Level Experience (Caps 500,000,000) and an MMD note
Starting NPC Location Recommended Level Details Reward
Tito Brickicci Greenspire 1 Tito Brickicci tells you, "Welcome to Greenspire traveler. I would give you the tour but we have bigger problems to deal with for now. Hea Scouts have been launching sporadic raids on our settlement as of late. While we have been lucky not loose any of the residentsm, yet, they have stolen countless supplies from us. If you are of the brave type, then I will make my plea to you for some help."

Tito bows before you, his desire to protect the town is clear to you.

Tito Brickicci tells you, "The last time we chased them from the town, they entered a portal at 45.1N, 67.2W. Please make your way there, and help us put an end to their terror."

25% of Level Experience (Caps 4,000,000)

And one of:

Tamara du Cinghalle Greenspire 180+ Tamara du Cinghalle tells you, "I have a task for you, if you are willing to aid us against the beast, T'thuun, who has been harrying the Deru Trees on Marae Lassel. The Tumeroks up on the Plateau have been in an uproar about this T'thuun since the first tentacles appeared. Our researchers believe, if we can get one of the eyes from the largest tentacle by the Trees, that we can use it to find a long-term solution to this problem. The challenge is, that unless the tentacles are weakened and the large tentacle is distracted, it's impossible to get an eye off of it. Killing the smaller tentacles seems to distract the larger one. Killing 50 should be enough to get an eye off of the larger, eye covered one. Bring me back an eye, and I'll reward you on behalf of my superiors and the Tumeroks on the Plateau." 40% of Level Experience (Caps 260,000,000)
  • Plucker of Eyes (Title)
Enrico di Bellenesse Greenspire 60+ Enrico di Bellenesse tells you, "I know not where your loyalties lie, but if you seek no more than coin, I have a task for you. There are three letters scattered about this isle that once belonged to me. I would have them in my possession once again, but I am unable to task any of my soldiers with this mission. I must instead turn to mercenaries such as yourself. The job is simple. Travel to the Lair of the Eviscerators, the Small Hive, and the Breached Hive. Within each of those dungeons will be a note. Find those notes and return them to me. But you must exercise discretion in this task. These letters are dear to me. Do not read them, do you understand? Simply pick them up and bring them back to me." 80% of Level Experience (Caps 100,000,000) per Letter
  • MMD note
  • 10x Health, Stamina, and Mana Philtre
Tiadora Fiori Greenspire 100 Tiadora Fiori tells you, "What am I to do? An order for fresh Moonwort was placed, but I am all out. Can you help me? Please, explore around in the Tuatara Plains and bring me back three fresh Moonwort. They are very rare so you will have to search for them. Be careful when picking them as they tend to attract a lot of bees. But I'm sure you'll have no problem dealing with bees, right?" 65% of Level Experience (Caps 215,000,000)
Valentina du Lurio Greenspire 1 Valentina du Lurio tells you, "Good day, do you intend to stay in our small settlement for long? Or maybe you wish to travel to Redspire? If Redspire is your destination, then I may have a small request of you. You see, I have ordered a dress to be made by the tailor there, Tiberio, and I have been told that it is ready for collection. If you are traveling that direction, then may I ask you to take these Pyreals to Tiberio, collect my dress and return it to me?"

Valentina du Lurio gives you Valentina's Bag of Pyreals.

100% of Level Experience (Caps 1,000,000)
Caprice du Bellenesse Greenspire 5 Caprice du Bellenesse tells you, "Excuse me, I need your help! Myself and Valentina were out for a stroll only a yesterday, and I seem to have lost my wedding ring!. Please you have to help me find it, it can not of happened too far away, it must be somewhere outside of the town where we were walking!." 100% of Level Experience (Caps 1,000,000)

And one of:

Sebastian Caldas Greenspire 20 Sebastian Caldas tells you, "Please, I need your help! I was doing my monthly patrol rounds, and was making sure there was no new threats in the Dark lair. But then, something spooked me, and I have no idea what it was! But it scared me enough to make me drop my sword and flee as fast as I could. And now I am left unarmed, I can not help the town with no weapon. If you can, please journey to the Dark Lair, and find my sword if you can."

Recommend also getting the Gardener Pincer while in the Dark Lair.

35% of Level Experience (Caps 300,000,000)

And one of:

Hea Toneawa

(43.7N, 66.9W)

Greenspire 1 Hea Toneawa tells you, "Greetings! Could you do me a favor, please? I planned to meet my beloved, Aun Mariona, but I am afraid that my Hea brethren have learned of our romance and are watching over me. Could you take her this note? I dare not go meet her myself, lest they slay us together. You will find her in the redwood groves almost directly north from the city your kind calls Bluespire. I have written the directions to our meeting place on the note." Note from Aun Bernawa to Hea Toneawa

45% of Level Experience (Cap 30,000,000)

  • 3x Health Elixir
  • Gifted Healing Kit

Note from Aun Mariona to Hea Toneawa

  • 35% of Level Experience (Cap 25,000,000)
  • 3 x Stamina Elixir
Virindi Delegate Greenspire 200+ Virindi Delegate tells you, "Greetings. The Reaver of Dreams has sent me here to request the assistance of your kind. There has been a great rift in the portal energies flowing through the lands of Marae Lassel. The Tumeroks, who have long battled their "Wharu", are far too simple a creature to sense these rifts. Only one with great consciousness could be responsible for such violent modifications in this long-standing balance. We must determine the cause before it is too late. Gather a party of the mightiest warriors and find what has evoked such drastic changes on the Marescent Plateau. Begin your search to the east of the Tumerok capital. A single tone resonates strongly in my thoughts from this region and The Reaver of Dreams believes the source can be found there." 2,300,000,000 Experience and 80,000 Luminance
  • 3x Durable Legendary Key
  • 20x MMD Note
  • Unknown
Salvito di Marden Bluespire 50 Salvito di Marden tells you, "You there? Are you looking for work? You seem big a strong enough to handle this. There is a bridge not too far from here, it links us to Redspire you see, but as of late we have quite the bandit problem. Many travels and merchants have been their pray, my men have tried their best, but it seems the bandits will only come out under cover of night."

Salvito crosses his arms and mutters various curse words about his men being useless.

Salvito di Marden tells you, "That is where you now come in kid. Wait until night falls and make your way to bridge. When you get their, lure out their leader, and bring him back dead or alive, I would prefer dead. Now get out of my sight and don't return until you bring me his head!!"

  • 20% of Level Experience (capped at 200,000,000)
  • 20% of Level Experience (capped at 300,000,000)
  • Bandit's Winged Boots


  • 35% of Level Experience (Caps 300,000,000)

And one of:

Hareleva Catvyn Bluespire 50 Hareleva Catvyn tells you, "Hail traveler, may haps I can procure your aid? As of late, Bluespire has come under some what of a threat you see. And of all things, from a Niffis. This is by no means your average Niffis, this is much larger and more aggressive then normal. I have set up a trap for the fiend, but so far it has managed to allude me. If you wish to try your luck, take this Sack of Fish and place it at 39.4N, 74.6W, just outside of town. If you manage to lure it out, slay it and return with proof." 30% of Level Experience (Caps 100,000,000)

And one of:

Aurten Rhell Bluespire 60 Aurten Rhell tells you, "Ah hello! Perhaps you could help me. I am new to this island and am not particularly familiar with the landscape. Could I convince you to help me? I need information on the strange incidents occuring on the plateau."

Aurten kneels down and opens a nearby pack. He tilts the pack so that you can see what is inside and then quickly pulls back the pack from your sight and closes it.

Aurten Rhell tells you, "What are you waiting for? I promised my superiors I would have a report for them!"

80% of Level Experience (Caps 100,000,000)
  • 1 Writ of Refuge
  • One of thirteen random consumable or trophy items
Aun Papileona Bluespire 1 Aun Papileona tells you, "Greetings, traveler. Raeta's migrations are such a beautiful mystery of nature. But where she goes, I must follow. I have moved my shrine to again be near her presence. It is unfortunate that my misfortune seems to have followed me in turn. I have a grave favor to ask you. In his jealousy, the anima Carenzi has infested the beautiful shrine I built for Raeta with his own creatures. I tried to route them myself, but the horrid beasts nearly ripped me to pieces and ate the key to my chest! Until my shrine is cleansed of his defiling presence, Raeta will not return! I locked my amulet inside my chest--if you bring it to me as proof that you have driven Carenzi away, I will reward you with the title of Carenzi Slayer. Follow Volkama's riverbanks to the south, and you'll find my shrine. Incidentally, I would be careful going past my old grotto if I were you--a motley group of Hea have moved in and made the place their own. They had an interesting-looking chest with them...but I was in too much of a hurry to follow Raeta on her migration to inquire further." 175% of Level Experience (Caps 12,211,000)
Andrea Dilazo Redspire 25 Andrea Dilazo tells you, "Fine morrow my friend, is it medical aid that you seek? I must whole heartedly apologise if that is what you need, for you see those damned Hea have stolen my medical supplies during one of their night raids. My understanding is that these Hea currenly reside within the Tumerok Cave, not far from here at all. If you feel kind enough, please make your way there, and this key."

Andrea Dilazo gives you Andrea Dilazo's Key.

Andrea Dilazo tells you, "This key will allow you to open my supply chest they have stolen. You can find the Tumerok Cave at 41.7N, 82.5W. please gather my supplies and come back in all due haste."

28% of Level Experience (Caps 100,000,000)
Lucio Murrio Redspire 25 Lucio Murrio tells you, "Hail traveler! Are you one of these Adventurers for hire that often pass through our town? If so then I have some coin for your time. You see, it is my duty to track the movements of the Hea raiders that plague the lands around here. As of late I have noticed a large influx of activity around the Tumerok Cavern, down by the shore. If you have the time and the need of coin, then I'll hire you to check it out. You can find the Tumerok Cavern at 40.2N, 84.7W. Have a look around, see what you can find, and return with any evidence of what they could be up to." 25% of Level Experience (Caps 100,000,000)

And one of:

Bachus Flufens Redspire 25 Bachus Flufens tells you, "Woe is me! The Hea must have overheard that I have been sending travelers to investigate their caverns, for they invaded my house, burned down my apple trees, and ate my bunny rabbits! I barely escaped here to safety of Redspire in one piece! Fortunately my dear friend Micon has agreed to give me shelter until I am back upon my feet. They must hold that relic in high esteem indeed. A most fanciful folk, I must say! I heard that it is a legendary spear that they dismantled and enshrined in two separate caverns on the island. It once belonged to a warrior from an opposite faction, I believe. He tried to persuade them back to traditional ways, but they would have none of it. Somehow they dispatched him but retained his spear...which is supposed to have some sort of magical, "living" properties to it. I'm not quite sure what to believe. Perhaps the answer could be found in the caverns to the northwest along the shore. Try the area around 40.2N 84.7W --at least that's where I saw the Tumeroks heading last. Beware, friend--it's quite likely to be well guarded. I'd go myself, but I must catch up on my journal today. If you would like to read it, here are a few pages that I wrote the other day."

Bachus Flufens gives you Bachus Flufen's Journal.

175% of Level Experience (Caps 1,270,880)
Guard Liaza Redspire 20 Guard Liaza tells you, "Greetings, traveler. Do you think you could help with a problem we're having? Recently, moarsmen have started coming from the ocean and raiding Redspire. I've never seen them be so organized before. They have built a fortification down in the mud flats. They must be driven back before they threaten Redspire and its people. Slay the moarsmen and bring back a token of your victory." Experience (capped at 488,800)
Piero Cenizzi Redspire 1 Piero Cenizzi tells you, "Hail there traveler! You look to be of the adventuring kind, can you spare me but a moment of your time? Thanks to the Hea raids as of late, I have not been able to keep up correspondence with my friends in Greenspire and Bluespire. I have been worrying if their towns has been getting raided as much as ours, and I know they are no doubt also worrying about me. If you are traveling around the settlements, can you deliever these letters for me? Them knowing I am well will be a relief to them no doubt."

Piero Cenizzi gives you Letter to Romeo Osemmi.

Piero Cenizzi gives you Letter to Vettorio Bilcone.

14% of Level Experience (Caps 1,000,000) per letter
  • 4x Health Elixer
  • Mail Sack (24 slot pack)
Dyned Timaru ? Dyned tells you, "Welcome, physical being. I seek the aid of your kind, may you be the one to offer it? The former Martineate sect of Virindi that inhabit this Island have fallen into much rebute with their leader Martine being missing. While many of this former coven are harmless, a small sect wish to see the possible return of their master, by any means necessary. To this end, the lost minds within them toy and experiment with portal space in ways they should not. Now, make you way to the Marescent Plateau, search for the Collector and enter his realm. Once inside find what may, and return to me with what you find." 200,000,000 Experience
  • Unknown
  • 2x MMD note
Aun Mesumko Timaru 90 Aun Mesumko tells you, "You have a look of a friend of the Tonk. As of late I have been studying the Wharu of the different hives found on the plateau, but I am yet to have a chance to study the young. Maybe you can help with this issue? There are five hives on the plateau I wish to study more of, the New Hive, Shallow Hive, Simple Hive, Small Hive and Tiny Hive. If you can travel to each of these hives, and bring me an egg maybe, yes that will do. Now then bring an Plateau Hive Olthoi Egg from each of the Plateau Hives, then we can learn so much!" 30% of Level Experience (Caps 300,000,000)

And one of:

Ad'ae Nubel Timaru 50 Ad'ae Nubel tells you, "Hail to you traveler, if you have come to help, then I have a task for you. I have ben traveling the island, studying all runes I can find to learn more of the past my people left behind. But you see the caravan being destroyed has caused an issue for my journey. While I wish to visit my next planned destination, I can not leave these fellows behind, but maybe you can carry it out for me? That this Tracing Paper, and go to the Ancient Empyrean Grotto on the Marescent Plateau. Find the Ancient Stone Tablet inside, and take a tracing of it for me and bring it back to me."

Ad'ae Nubel gives you Tracing Paper.

50% of Level Experience (Caps 300,000,000)

And one of:

Aun Akhathu Timaru 50 Aun Akhathu tells you, "Welcome buhdi, you have the look of one who enjoys their work. And if that is what you seek, then that is what I shall offer. The Khe speak of a change of seasons, and so it is time to rebuild our stocks, have a look at this list of items, and if you bring enough to me, I will reward you!"

Aun Akhathu gives you List of Required Goods.

24% of Level Experience (Caps 200,000,000)
  • One of six random consumables
Judyta Seda Timaru 80 Judyta Seda tells you, "Welcome to Timaru! I myself am here as a guest also, we have come to help our Aun allies with their "Wharu" problem, as they put it. If you would like to help also, then I have a small task for you. I have been tracking the movements of those Olthoi Eviscerators, but in my missions I have seen one which is far larger then all the others, and far more deadly."

Judyta bows before you, her desire to protect her friends and allies is clear.

Judyta Seda tells you, "Please, if you can, go to the Lair of the Eviscerators at 53.5N, 76.6W, find this threat and put an end to it before it can to any of our friends."

50% of Level Experience (Caps 200,000,000)

And one of:

Aun Pherih Timaru 80 Aun Pherih tells you, "Greetings Buhdi, do you want to help Timaru and earn our respect? The scouts have warned us of a new Hea plan, one which could endanger us all as I speak. As I speak, it is said that the Hea are tunneling below our feet, they seek to attack Timaru from the ground up. Our scouts have located the start of these tunnels, I would advise the use of lockpicks, because they are barricaded inside, travel to 48.3N, 78.6W, and return once you have put an end to their digging." 40% of Level Experience (Caps 400,000,000)

And one of:

  • Unknown
  • Unknown
Lord Balthall Bachus Flufens' Cottage 80 Lord Balthall tells you, "Greetings traveler, do you have time to hear my tale of love long lost? You see, being a lord I am very well off, and I used my riches to purchase some land to woo my love at the time, Winthura. Together we made a beautiful, subterranean home, though that was many years ago, long before the dangers of this island became evident.."

Then they found us... The Hea and their Virindi allies. I managed to escape, barely, while Winthura... She was not so lucky. Though it was years ago, I have nothing to remind myself of her, please if you can see it in your heart, travel to 52.9N, 86.4W. And find what you can to keep her memory alive."

40% of Level Experience (Caps 400,000,000)

And one of:

Aun Hagnassu Bachus Flufens' Cottage 30 Aun Hagnassu tells you, "Buh'di, I need your aid, please! The Hea, they have struck me down with a poison, and my time is short. There is however a antidote, but my state is too far gone to gather it myself. If you can, help me, you can be the one to bring the antidote. There is an alchemist, and medicine man, not far from here, you can find him in Redspire. Gloomglow, those are what are needed, gather them, take the plants to them. I beg you, make your way there now with haste, secure an antidote and bring it to me before my time is over." 38% of Level Experience (Caps 340,000,000)

And one of:

Hea Kassoka Ahurenga 60 Hea Kassoka tells you, "Much as it shames me, human, I would ask for your help. A group of filthy, smelly creatures known as Mosswarts have made a home on my island and are raiding my supplies. I am but one warrior and cannot attend to my duties and guard my supplies all the time. I would like for you to go into Hagra's Holdfast at 48.2 N, 88.5 W and confront their chief. Whether you must negotiate with him or just kill him, put an end to their thievery." 50% of Level Experience (Caps 30,000,000)
Hea Khuzandle Ahurenga 60 Hea Khuzandle tells you, "You! You have the look of a warrior. I have need of warriors. The seasons will soon change, and we still need to fulfil our stockpiles. So, if you are able to help, have a look at this list of items, and if you bring enough to me, I will reward you!"

Hea Khuzandle gives you List of Items Needed.

24% of Level Experience (Caps 200,000,000)
  • One of six random consumables
Tekapuapuh (46.6N, 91.5W) Ahurenga 60 Tekapuapuh tells you, "Oh, man! You can help me! My beloved Putiputipuh, she's not happy. She needs special onga from where I found her! I dropped my stuff in the hidey hole where I found her. It's all the way to the east, straight east from here, right until you hit a BIIIG wall. I set up a magic portal to the hidey-hole. Here, I'll give you the password. Thanks for your help!"

Tekapuapuh gives you Tekapuapuh's Note.

Daniel Rebel Hideout ? Daniel tells you, "Hey, maybe you can help us? I need a individual to get something for me. I have been doing a intelligence exchange with the Aun for awhile, both sharing infomration on the Hea, and other subjects. The next pickup however is due today, and I can't get to it, it's my turn to do the brief for the other Carenzi Rebels. Maybe you can get it for me? Head to 50.7N, 82.2W, look for the hiding spot and bring me back the latest report." ?% of Level Experience (Caps ?)
Arica Rebel Hideout ? Arica tells you, "You look like a adventurer of knowledge and a desire for learning, maybe we can help each other. I have a keen interest in how the Olthoi terraform the lands they roam, most notability the acid pools which seem to appear in many Olthoi hives. I want to study further into this acid, where it comes from, is it organic, and other such questions. Take this vial, and head to the Olthoi Warrior Nest, it has a high concentration of acid pools, locate a suitable area to fill the vial, and return it to me."

Arica gives you Thick Glass Vial.

?% of Level Experience (Caps ?)

And one of:

Antonia Rebel Hideout ? Antonia tells you, "You seem to be strong enough, I have a important task for you if you are feeling both willing and able. Maybe you have heard of Palenqual's Cavern, a vibrant set of tunnels, the birthplace of the living weapons. Well it would seem the power of life within is maybe being syphoned, by one of the Wisps within. I feel the Aun have done more then enough for us, it is our turn to help them, find the Wisp within Palenqual's Cavern, and bring it's essence to me so I may present it to the Aun." ?% of Level Experience (Caps ?)

And one of:

Kenia Sarhorn Caravan Camp 90 Kenia Sarhorn tells you, "Good day traveler, you have the look of someone in search of coin and work, and we have plenty of both. Our merry group here has been traveling these northern Tuatara Plains in search of a possible place for a new settlement. We were three days into your journey, when it became clear that we were being tracked. A Hea raiding force ambushed our caravan, we all managed to do a tactical retreat, but they claimed a fair amount of our supplies. The ambush happened around 57.6N, 76.9W. If you make your way there in your travels and recover any of our supplies, please return them to us." 45% of Level Experience (Caps 300,000,000)

And one of:

Laesis Caravan Camp 90 Laesis tells you, "Greetings, friend. You may know of our efforts to salvage the remains of the Martinate Quiddity, maybe you shall wish to help? Martine was a human, friend, yet he also held a Virindi conscience, this would have been shared with those within his Quiddity. If we were to learn more of Martine's memories, we could learn more of the Martine Quiddity, and how we can help these lost souls. Efforts to talk and communicate with the Martinate Virindi however has proven difficult. But it would seem there is some hope still. There is a Martinate Virindi, with no directive for combat or violence, the Martinate Memorator. The Memorator's sole directive was to docucment Martine himself. Maybe to remind Martine of his human side. The Martinate Memorator is currently found within the Martinate Holding at 59.6N 77.0W, maybe you can find a way for the Memorator to share with you." 60% of Level Experience (Caps 300,000,000)

And one of:

Nomura Hiina Caravan Camp 90 Nomura Hiina tells you, "Welcome friend, a moment of your time if I may? A friend of mine, Kageteru, has an incredible interest in the Olthoi of this island and how they differ to those on the main land. However he has a habit of getting in over his head, expecting these Olthoi to be simple a foe as others... The last I had heard of him was several days ago, telling me of his tales in the Olthoi Arcade, and how he planned to delve into the deepest tunnels of the Olthoi Arcade South. By chance if your travels take you in that direction, can you visit the tunnels, and see if you can find my friend Kageteru? You can get there by either traversing the Olthoi Arcade near Greenspire, or the more direct portal at 45.0N, 84.2W." 45% of Level Experience (Caps 300,000,000)

And one of:

Dalibor Beran Caravan Camp 10 Dalibor Beran tells you, "Hail there traveler! May I have a moment of your time? While traveling with our caravan, I was tasked with delivering some samples to certain people in Respire and Bluespire. But as you can see thanks to the Hea, I do not know when I will be able to do this. If you are traveling to those towns, maybe you can help me? The Bag of Botany Samples is for Maryla the Herbalist in Redspire, and the Unknown Metal Sample is for Otto Selino in Bluespire."

Dalibor Beran gives you Bag of Bontany Samples.

Dalibor Beran gives you Unknown Metal Sample.

20% of Level Experience (Caps 40,000,000) for each returned letter
  • 3x Health Philtres for each returned letter
Cadelyn Aurena Caravan Camp 90 Cadelyn Aurena tells you, "Hail traveler, may haps I can procure your aid? As you can see, I was traveling as part of the caravan, though the planned settlement was not part of my goals. I was traveling with them in hopes of finding the Diary of Lord Alysdair, a famed alchemist of ancient Empyrean origin. The last known location of which is logged as being within a dungeon in these northern plains. Through my research I believe I have pin pointed the location, but as you can see, I am not equiped for combat, I am just an alchemist, that is what I was hoping to tag some of these guards along for. The current situation does not quite allow them to aid me right now however, but maybe you can? 53.2N, 80.5W, that is the location I believe the diary to be, please find it and bring it to me, I will make sure you are well paid." 25% of Level Experience (Caps 250,000,000)

And one of:

Aun Khunanda Hallows Camp 180 Aun Khunanda tells you, "You are a brave soul, Buhdi, coming here. The Hallows are not like the rest of our island, they change those that enter. Much like the Hea clan that entered here some time ago, the corrupt flows deep into their souls, it is a sad sight to see. Many of them have claimed a foothold in the Hallows, in a long abandoned Empyrean tunnel, deep inside their so called leader preaches lies to them all. Nkohelwa is the name of the arch-corruptor, I have heard tales that he seeks to corrupt the lesser Khe that rest in these lands also. Should you feel strong enough, I would advise you gather your friends, and make your way to the Corrupted Halls at 51.8N, 71.2W, put an end to Nkohelwa the Corrupted and see what you can discover." 60% of Level Experience (Caps 1,000,000,000) and 15,000 Luminance

And one of:

Mathae Hallows Camp 180 Mathae tells you, "Welcome, friend. We have come here seeking what remains of the Martinate Quiddity, as both our collectives had lost what made us whole, we believed an alliance would have been a benefit to both sides. Yet it would seem we were wrong. What is left of the Martinate Quiddity has a strong clasp of Martine's dark memories, a time in which he wanted nothing but destruction and domination. The current lead of this Quiddity is known as the Martinate Majesty, which holds the dominant memories of those dark months which Martine had no control. We believe there still may be some which hold onto the good memories and wish to carry on in Martine's redemption, but they can not as long as the Martinate Majesty continues to repress them. And now is where we require your aid, friend, travel to the Martinate Assembly at 50.2N, 69.5W, and put an end to the dominant Martinate Majesty." 80% of Level Experience (Caps 1,000,000,000) and 15,000 Luminance

And one of: