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The Malvarma had been quiet for months now. We knew they were up to something, because of all the times they had previously attacked us, especially at Viridian Rise, Rithwic, and Arwic. Peace and quiet seem to always come at a huge cost in Dereth however. Today the Malvarma came in force and destroyed what many of the adventurers called home. Adventurers Haven fell late in the evening and we retrieved all that we could amidst the chaos. Few were lost in the intense heat of the battle.

Till we find a more efficient way to battle the Malvarma and their creations, we need a new stronghold. We have repurposed an old Radiant Blood storage space. Nuhmudira has warded it against all but Isparians and the allied races. This new "Safehold" should suffice as a safe place for all to rest and trade their wares. I will continue to monitor the activity of the Malvarma, and we will find a way to stop them. The down time has been great for our findings on the new Jollium ore that has been found in the Artic North. The Arcanum has found a way to utilize it for both weapons and armor. We will however have to see if the adventurers can help us gather materials to build a forge capable of withstanding the heat and energies needed to make it into something malleable and less brittle than it’s base form.


Raxon’ Va

Artic North Base Established

Thanks to the continued efforts of the adventurers, a new base has sprung up. Here at this base in the Artic North, one of the coldest places we could find, we built the forge. The cold of the North provides a strong ward against the forges heat. After some time we have learned to work the ore into a desirable set of weapons and armor. The forge was key and now that it has been established, we can really get to work. A few members of the Arcanum have take up residence here. Talk to the Arcanum members to pick up daily's for supplies supplies for the new Jollium armor and weapons. These new weapons are able to be made in several variations and all class types. The new Jollium armor will take further work to to support all the different classes. The base armor can be further improved with Runes and Sigils. After some time I returned for my rewards. A few days of this should suffice. I have gathered my supplies.

Jollium Crafting

The uses of Jollium continue to be explored and their reaction with other items found around Dereth. Jollium Armor & Weapons have been created and indeed weapon upgrades are being perfected! Attempts have been made to further upgrade armor, but thus far has failed. Others are exploring the use of Jollium in other areas, including Jollium-Infused Bandages.


Daily Quests
Starting NPC Details Reward Starting NPC Details Reward
Getharid and Karalana.png Getharid tells you, "Mi get exiled from mi tribe an run here wid mi kid eff di tribe finds wi dem may kill mi an tek mi kid, Mi nuh a bad banderling mi just nuh wanna hurt yuh kind mi wan ave a safe life an live inna peace."

Getharid tells you, "Dem ave hunting parties looking fi mi an mi kid."

Getharid tells you, "Eff yuh cya defeat sey 25 maybe... it wi push di parties back fi a bit, mi wi reward yuh wid magic metals."

Lum, XP Vakala of the Arcanum.png Vakala of The Arcanum tells you, "The Arcanum has stationed me here to reward those brave adventurers, such as yourself, that destroy the Malvarma Experiments of this 'Artic North' and bring me proof of their victories." XP, Random Rune
Na' gini.png Na' gini tells you, "These frickin bath robes must die! Mutating our forms of new vile creatures..."

Na' gini tells you, "Kill 20 Malvarma Executors and I will reward you for your efforts.

Na' gini tells you, "Kill 20 Malvarma Paradox and I will reward you for your efforts."

Na' gini tells you, "Kill 10 Malvarma Observers and I will reward you for your efforts."

Lum, XP General Kuroji.png General Kuroji tells you, "Hey Adventurer, I think you can help me..."

General Kuroji tells you, "My Scouts have reported the Malvarma have been Experimenting on fallen soldiers corpses, if you could take this torch, and burn their bodies it should stifle their plans."General Kuroji gives you 10 Torches.

General Kuroji tells you, "Bring me 10 of their dog tags, and I will reward you."

Lum, XP
Hidollith.png Hidollith tells you, "DIRECTIVE: Eliminate 20 Malvarma Gear Sentry!" Lum, XP
Main Quests
Malvarma Assessment Crystal.png
Diamond Beidhander of Obedience.png
Malvarma Obedience Assessment

Level: 275

Type: Fellowship

Starts: Malvarma Assessment Crystal

Route: Artic North portal in Arcanum Safehold

This is a tough dungeon, geared toward a fellowship and filled with Tuskers, Virindi, Floating Weapons and Eyes. Your group will encounter one of Novarax's Tusker pets and other obstacles. Defeating and over coming them will yield a Diamond Weapon of Obedience that is imbued with Tusker Slayer and can be tinkered for even greater damage. Additionally, the dungeon receives access to a top tier loot trove, to all those who survive.


Creatures of the Artic North

Standard Creatures
Holly Reaper


Malvarma Paradox


Malvarma Observer


Malvarma Executor


Malvarma Gear Sentry


Snow Banderling Brute


Snow Banderling Scout


Boss Creatures
Malvarma Dissector


Paradigm Ice Golem




Callous Render



Creature Drops