Patches - November 2022

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Game Changes

  • The first step of a wider salvaging rework has been introduced!
  • The halloween content is officially over, but it is now the games 23rd anniversary and the nightclub is open! Don't forget to get your yearly shirt
  • Under-Robe kits now work on guises
  • Under-Robe Kits now come in 3 Variations (Girth,Gloves,Shoes) this should open many more options for tailoring!
  • Pre-Patch Under-robe kits will still work for Abdomen slot
  • Fixed issue with Night Club Attendants not accepting this years new ticket (would only take the 22nd anniversary ticket)
  • It isn't long until Thanksgiving and weird new animals have started appearing outside of towns, maybe they have something worthwhile
  • Next patch will see all Marketplace Weapons coloured to match their Element
  • By popular request Sir Prizes in Safehold is doing a Black Friday sale for the weekend, with 10% off all stock, ends 11/29
    • Bludgeon weapons will be silver
    • Piercing weapons will be brown
    • Slashing weapons will be gold
    • Acid weapons will be green
    • Fire weapons will be red
    • Frost weapons will be blue
    • Lightning weapons will be pink
    • Void weapons will be black
    • Martyr weapons will be emerald
    • Agile weapons will be grey
    • Armor Rend weapons will be black

New Quests

  • Southern Vanguard Outpost Quest has been added to the game
  • Notthern Vanguard Outpost Quest has been added to the game

Updated Quests

  • Dark Bobo quest now offers additional rewards (along with the already custom additional rewards)
  • Shadow Statue Quest reward increased

New NPCs

  • Atacinus Fairfoot has arrived in Mountain Retreat looking for help to hire new recruits

Updated NPCs

  • Ethan Wintermaine now offers increased rewards for slaying the Paradox-touched Olthoi Queen
    • Braced Manaforge Key changed to Durable Legendary Key
    • Experience reward increased (69mill exp was too low)
    • Luminance reward added (brings inline with other Prodigal bosses)
  • Hidollith has returned to artic north looking for adventurers to help disassemble Malvarma Sentrys
  • Glysander Cartoth now rewards the correct exp for all quest items
  • Updated Ciriaco in Safehold to sell the new under-robe kits and made him look a lil more stylin'
  • Dhuzgark no longer needs to cleanse those who has completed his task, you can now simply just hand in the totem to complete, and talk to start
  • Raksaa in Lugian Assault can now disenchant the Casting Stone into a more class friendly Casting Stone

Updated Locations

  • Southern Vanguard Outpost Quest updated
  • Northern Vanguard Outpost Quest updated
  • There's been a Strange Disturbance in the Amperehelion Vault
  • Artic North seems to be changing, things may look different each time you go, what is that silly Novarax upto?
  • A wider Variety of Corpses can now be found in the artic north. ( BURN BABY BURN)
  • Arcanum Safehold Portal has been added to The Artic North

New Items

  • Plush Oolutanga added
  • Scroll of Tusker Skin added
  • Scroll of Tusker Sprint added
  • Scroll of Tusker Leap added
  • Scroll of Tusker Might added
  • Scroll of Tusker Hide added
  • Casting Drumstick added
  • Secondary Casting Stone added to game
  • Small Shadow Statue of the Hopeslayer looks good on housing hooks

Updated Items

  • Made Night Club Shirts full coverage for tailoring
  • New salvage updates can be used on Jewellery, Armour, Under Clothes and Trinkets:
    • Salvaged Agate can now apply Legendary Focus as an imbue
    • Salvaged Bloodstone can now apply Legendary Endurance as an imbue
    • Salvaged Carnelian can now apply Legendary Strength as an imbue
    • Salvaged Citrine can now apply Legendary Stamina Gain as an imbue
    • Salvaged Lapis Lazuli can now apply Legendary Willpower as an imbue
    • Salvaged Lavender Jade can now apply Legendary Mana Gain as an imbue
    • Salvaged Red Jade can now apply Legendary Health Gain as an imbue
    • Salvaged Rose Quartz can now apply Legendary Quickness as an imbue
    • Salvaged Smoky Quartz can now apply Legendary Coordination as an imbue
  • Salvaged Amethyst can now to applied to jewelry and Under Clothes to lower the Arcane Lore requirement by 10, this can be applied up to 10 times
  • Salvaged Tourmaline can now be applied to jewelry and Under Clothes to improve Mana Cost by 7%, this can be applied up to 10 times (A 10 tinked Tourmaline item will increase from 1 mana per 15 seconds to 1 mana per 60 seconds)
  • Salvaged Tiger Eye can now be applied to weapons and wands to increase the Missile Defense bonus by 0.5%, this can be applied up to 10 times
  • Salvaged White Quartz can now be applied to weapons and wands to increase the Magic Defense bonus by 0.5%, this can be applied up to 10 times
  • Salvaged Obsidian can now be applied to weapons and wands to increase Slayer Bonus Damage by 2%, this can be applied up to 10 times
  • Salvaged Yellow Garnet can now be applied to Covenant and Olthoi armor to change the wield requirements from Missile Defense or Magic Defense to Melee Defense
  • Seasoned Steak burden decreased
  • Bottle of Apple Soda burden decreased
  • Mushroom Jerky burden decreased
  • Pancake burden decreased
  • Nanner Pancake burden decreased
  • Cup of Tea burden decreased
  • Cup of Coffee burden decreased
  • Niffis Calamari Rings burden decreased
  • Coffee Cake burden decreased
  • Coffee Biscuits burden decreased
  • Monk's Daily Ration burden decreased
  • Stonemason's Stew burden decreased
  • Alchemists's Experimental Brew burden decreased
  • Lugian Warlord's Feast burden decreased
  • Engineer's Delight burden decreased
  • Sorcerer's Succotash burden decreased
  • Tactician's Tarte Tatin burden decreased
  • Monarch's Mix burden decreased

New Weapons

  • Tusker Paw Martyr Wand added
  • Tusker Paw Nether Wand added

Updated Weapons

  • Tusker Paw Wand adjusted (now War Magic only)
  • Mana Seeker Glaive adjusted
  • Mana Seeker Hatchet adjusted
  • Mana Seeker Naginata adjusted