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In addition to the base salvaging, the Arcanum group have discovered new usage for salvage and how to make some existing usage more powerful. Below are salvage updates that can be used on weapons, armor, jewelry, under clothes, and trinkets.

Legendary Attribute Imbues Legendary Stat Imbues Weapons, Jewelry, and Under Clothes
Salvaged Carnelian Icon.png Salvaged Carnelian for Legendary Strength

Salvaged Bloodstone Icon.png Salvaged Bloodstone for Legendary Endurance

Smoky Quartz Salvage Icon.png Salvaged Smoky Quartz for Legendary Coordination

Salvaged Rose Quartz Icon.png Salvaged Rose Quartz for Legendary Quickness

Salvaged Agate Icon.png Salvaged Agate for Legendary Focus

Salvaged Lapis Lazuli Icon.png Salvaged Lapis Lazuli for Legendary Willpower

Salvaged Red Jade Icon.png Salvaged Red Jade for Legendary Health Gain

Salvaged Citrine Icon.png Salvaged Citrine for Legendary Stamina Gain

Salvaged Lavender Jade Icon.png Salvaged Lavender Jade for Legendary Mana Gain

For Jewelry and Clothes

Salvaged Amethyst Icon.png Salvaged Amethyst to lower the Arcane Lore requirement by 10, this can be applied up to 10 times.

Salvaged Tourmaline Icon.png Salvaged Tourmaline to improve Mana Cost by 7%, this can be applied up to 10 times (A 10 tinked Tourmaline item will increase from 1 mana per 15 seconds to 1 mana per 60 seconds).

Weapons and Wands

Salvaged Tiger Eye Icon.png Salvaged Tiger Eye to increase the Missile Defense bonus by 0.5%, this can be applied up to 10 times.

Salvaged White Quartz Icon.png Salvaged White Quartz to increase the Magic Defense bonus by 0.5%, this can be applied up to 10 times.

Salvaged Obsidian Icon.png Salvaged Obsidian to increase Slayer Bonus Damage by 2%, this can be applied up to 10 times.


Salvaged Yellow Garnet Icon.png Salvaged Yellow Garnet to Covenant and Olthoi armor to change the wield requirements from Missile Defense or Magic Defense to Melee Defense.