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Novarax was a young boy of Gharu descent, born on the planet Ispar. His parents were killed in a battle between rival tribes when he was just a baby, leaving him orphaned and alone. He was taken in by a group of Viamontian warriors who were fighting for control of the planet.

The Viamontians were a brutal and warlike race, known for their fierce fighting skills and their ruthless tactics. They saw potential in the young Novarax and took him in, hoping to train him to become one of their own.

But the training was not kind. The Viamontians pushed Novarax to his limits, testing his endurance and training him in combat. They used physical and mental torture to break him down and build him up as a weapon of war.

As a result of the trauma he endured, Novarax's psyche shattered into multiple personalities, each one based on one of the seven primal emotions: anger, fear, joy, sadness, surprise, disgust, and trust. Each personality was created to protect Novarax's core broken child identity, but none of them were aware of their existence as a separate entity. They only knew of their own emotion and acted accordingly.

In his teenage years, Novarax began to question the path he was on. He knew that he did not want to be a part of the Viamontians' endless cycle of violence and death. One day, while out on a mission with his Viamontian handlers, Novarax stumbled upon an ancient portal, hidden deep within a cave system. He knew that this could be his chance to escape, but he also knew that the Viamontians would never allow him to leave their grasp alive.

As he weighed his options, his various personalities each took control, one by one. Axron-, the angry personality, urged him to fight his way out, to show the Viamontians that he was no longer their pawn. Xarvon', the joyful personality, urged him to run and never look back, to embrace the freedom that lay beyond the portal.

In the end, it was the surprised personality, who made the decision for him. He was the most curious of all the personalities, always eager to explore and learn new things. He saw the portal as an opportunity to see what lay beyond the world that had shaped Novarax for so long.

With a deep breath, Novarax stepped into the portal, unsure of what lay ahead. As he emerged on the other side, he found himself in a strange new world, a place called Dereth.

As Novarax stumbled through the desert, he was soon discovered by Aerbax, a powerful Virindi. Aerbax saw potential in Novarax, and knew that he could mold the boy into a powerful weapon.

Aerbax took Novarax under his wing, teaching him how to survive in this new world, and honing the powers of each of his emotional personalities. Novarax felt like he had found a mentor, someone who could guide him and help him harness his potential.

But as Novarax continued to grow and learn, he began to sense that there was something off about Aerbax. The Virindi seemed to be manipulating him, pushing him towards darker and more dangerous paths.

Novarax struggled with the conflicting emotions within him, torn between his loyalty to Aerbax and his own instincts. He knew that he was being molded into something he didn't fully understand, but he also felt like he had no choice in the matter.

As time went on, Novarax began to realize the true extent of Aerbax's power and influence. He saw how the Virindi manipulated those around him, using their fears and desires to bend them to his will. And he knew that he was not immune to Aerbax's influence.

But something strange began to happen. As Novarax's power grew, Aerbax started to fear him. The Virindi had seen many powerful beings in his long life, but Novarax was something different, something that he could not fully control.

Novarax could feel Aerbax's fear and it made him uneasy. He began to wonder what Aerbax was truly planning, and whether he could trust him at all.

As Novarax continued to explore this new world and hone his powers, he knew that he was walking a dangerous path. He was no longer just a boy, but a weapon, a tool for Aerbax to use as he saw fit. And he knew that he would have to make a choice soon, a choice that would define who he was and what he would become.

The question was, could he trust himself to make the right choice?