Patches - Season 1 Ironman

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For more information and rules, visit the Ironman challenge page.

Game Changes

  • Ironman Season 1 has begun! The Season of Determination!
  • Ironman Pathwarden and Ironman Chest has been added to the end of each Training Hall!
    • Ironman Armour contained within is a much lower burden then normal Pathwarden Armour, allowing all those with low Strength Roles to wear a full suit of armour!
  • Ironman Altars have been added to the end of each Training Hall!
    • The Ironman Altar will turn you full red Player Killer so you can not receive the buffs of other non Ironman Players!
    • The Ironman Altar will also forever flag your character as an Ironman, making you unable to use many NPCs!
  • All of the traditional Portal Networks have been fully restored to allow travel for Ironman players!
  • A new Creature Lord has been added to fill the gap Twohanded Weapons sorely needs!
  • You can now have 20 characters per account.

New Quests

  • The Adventurers Guild has heard the cries of the Ironman Players and offer a new Contract!

New NPCs

  • Guild Rep Maatla has now set up in the Adventurers Guild Office with a new Contract!
  • Complete Guild Rep Maatla's new Contract to find precious minerals, and receive a diary that will give you access to Portal Recall!
  • The Ironwarden has arrived in the main room of Marketplace!
    • Talking to The Ironwarden has a Ironman character will remove all character limiting stamps, and give a full attribute and skill reset!
    • All Ironman players when talking to The Ironwarden will also receive a unique a reward to celebrate the season!

Updated NPCs

  • Naima the Collector in the Adventurers Guild Office has heard of the plight of Item Magicless Ironmen and offers something new.
    • Giving Naima the Collector the Unreadable Scroll (Aerlinthe Recall) from Lady Aerfalle Quest will now reward you with a Aerlinthe Cynosure, a new Aerlinthe Recall orb!

New Items

  • Guild Diary has been added!
  • Aerlinthe Cynosure has been added!
  • Ironman Statue has been added!
  • Wrought Iron Badge has been added!

New Weapons

  • Relentless Blade has been added!

New Armor

  • Ironman Helm has been added!
  • Ironman Heuberk has been added!
  • Ironman Gauntlets has been added!
  • Ironman Leggings has been added!
  • Ironman Boots has been added!
  • Ironman Robe has been added!
  • Crown of Iron has been added!

New Creatures

  • Simulacrum Hunter has been added!