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Introduced: Patches - April 2022

Non-Player Killer
Yrelvielle 180x259.jpg
Race Shadow
Title Dark Questions
Location 24.4N 49.0E in Cragstone


The Shadow speaks in old Yalain, a language foreign and strange, but as it speaks you gain comprehension of it's words.

Yrelvielle tells you, "A being of flesh? Why do you come before me? A quest...?"
Yrelvielle tells you, "A quest... Quests are like games, are they not? Just with risk of death."
Yrelvielle tells you, "Well if it is a game you would like to play, then show me your willingness."
Yrelvielle tells you, "I have a container, hidden of course, which I would like for you to find for me, and retrieve the jewel which is inside."
Yrelvielle tells you, "Oh, but you will also require the key, how ever, you will have to find that also."
Yrelvielle tells you, "So, run along, we have fun games to play, goodbye being of flesh."

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