Patches - March 2023

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Game Changes

  • Rumuba's Jade Spear Head can now also be handed in for Experience and Luminance
  • Many misc bug fixes (retail items having wrong icons, etc)
  • A number of retail weapon recipes now use loot generated Spada, and not creature wielded Spada
  • The correct Olthoi Soldiers have been added to Catacombs of Opposition

New Quests

  • Orb of the Saints Quest has been added!
  • Talk to Sir Garran on Dark Isle for a quest to make a new Martyr weapon

Updated Quests

  • Rumuba's Jade Spear Quest has been updated

Updated NPCs

  • Selestia Idahria will now accept any unwanted Phantasmagoria's Mask and reward a little experiance, luminance and a title
  • Sir Prizes has a new item available for derp coins!
  • Shopkeeper Yoshi Deshi in Safehold now has improved stock to sell
  • Higashiyama Akako of the Currency Exchange now accepts Frozen Tomes 1:1 for Promissory Notes
  • Absalom Sarraf of the Currency Exchange now sells Frozens Tomes 1:2 for Promissory Notes

New Items

  • Brittle Lense has been added
    • The Brittle Lense allows you to apply Tattercoat to enemies shields
    • Combine Victual Oil with a Glyph of Shield to make Brittle Oil
    • Combine Brittle Oil with Incomparable Lense to make Brittle Lense
  • Orb of the Saints has been added

Updated Weapons

  • Rumuba's Jade Spear has been updated

Updated Creatures

  • The Necromancer now has an Apprentice!

New Titles

  • Fearless Fighter title added