Diamond Overlord

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Hear ye, hear ye! This is the Arcanum's Heralds speaking to all adventurers throughout the breadth of Dereth! A seismic shift in the balance of power has occurred in the Direlands! A creature of incomparable strength, as resolute and unyielding as diamond, has made its presence known. The Diamond Overlord now walks amongst us. We implore you to gather your mightiest allies, ready your most potent spells and weapons, and prepare for a test of strength and wits that will be remembered in the chronicles. May fortune favor you, brave souls!

Quest Possible Rewards

Diamond Overlord

Level: 275

Type: Fellowship+

Starts: Direlands

Route: Town Network to Baishi > Drunken Madman to Walled Fort (give Sake) [53.1S, 61.0E] > End Point [21.8S, 76.7W]

The Diamond Overlord is not to be trifled with and will need at least a full fellowship to downed. Be prepared for AoE attacks, portals, and additional creatures coming to the Overlord’s aid.


  • Radiant Sprite
  • Diamond Crawler
  • Diamond Totem

Icon-overloard-essence.png Diamond Overlord's Essence (Summon)

Icon-overloard-effigy.png Corrupted Overlord Effigy (Wand)

Icon-overloard-eternalecho.png Eternal Echo of the Overlord (Throwing Weapons)

Icon-overlord-prismaticpiercer.png Prismatic Piercer (Heavy Weapons)

Icon-overlord-reaver.png Diamond Reaver of the Overlord (2 Hand)

Icon-overlord-bulwark.png The Diamond Bulwark (Shield)

Icon-overloard-crownmissile.png Diadem of the Diamond Overlord

Icon-overloard-crownmelee.png Crown of the Diamond Overlord

Icon-overloard-crownmagic.png Corona of the Diamond Overlord