Kromlic's Challenge

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Kromlic's Challenge is a custom quest for you to earn 1 extra Blank Augmentation Gem per week. Repeat timer is 6 days same as Bellas. Travel to Silyun and speak with Cynreow Kilthorpe in the center of town.

Cynreow Kilthorpe
Cynreow Kilthorpe tells you, "What? Can you not see I'm busy? I have many responsibilities here! "Wait... That Lugian? The one that defeated me..."

Cynreow Kilthorpe belches loudly as Hashina calls over, "Kromlic Caskforged!"

Cynreow Kilthorpe tells you, "Kromlic Caskforged, yes. Don't laugh at me, Hashina!" "Anyway, this big Lugian - Kromlic Caskforged - seems he has been roaming Dereth searching for a challenge! He has caused enough trouble for the Hunters Guild to send me out for him." "But there was a minor technical difficulty you see... I slipped... But while I lose this damn vitae, you look like you are strong! Get out there, kill him and prove it to me."

Kromlic Caskforged Location
Kromlic's Pauldron
Now travel to the forest just southeast of town and hunt down that Lugian! He is a random spawn, and you may have to take more than one pass through to find him. You MUST get the KILL for it to count for the quest. Loot the blue pauldron from his corpse! Return to Cynreow for your blank augmentation gem.