Jollium-infused Bandages

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Are you ready for the ultimate healing experience? Introducing the Jollium-infused healing kits, the newest innovation in alchemy and item tinkering. You too can create these powerful kits with just a few simple steps.

First, take your Jollium Sliver and use it on a pair of scissors to get the highly coveted Jollium Precision Shears. With these shears, you can then cut a flag into five bundles of the finest Silken Bandages.

Next, we move onto alchemy. Take your Crucible and add a Hyssop Pea, creating a Hyssop Filled Crucible. But that's not all! Add an Amaranth Pea to the crucible, creating a Herb Filled Crucible. Now, use your Mortar and Pestle to crush the Jollium Shard into a fine powder. This powder is the key ingredient in the Jollium-infused healing kits.

Finally, take your Herb Filled Crucible and add the Jollium Powder, creating five Jollium Poultrice. And now, the pièce de résistance, use these poultrices on the Silken Bandages to create the Jollium-infused Bandages, the ultimate healing tool.

Are you ready to experience the power of Jollium-infused healing kits for yourself? With just a few simple steps, you can become the envy of all your friends and allies on the battlefield. So what are you waiting for? Try it out today!

Jollium Precision Shears Silken Bandages Base Healing Kit Ingredients Jollium-Infused Healing Kit
Create Scissors

Whittling Knife + Siraluun Claw = Claw Scissors

Whittling Knife Icon.jpg + Badlands Siraluun Claw.jpg = Badlands Siraluun Claw Scissors Icon.jpg

Create Jollium Precision Shears

Jollium Sliver + Claw Scissors = Jollium Precision Shears

Jollium-sliver.jpg + Badlands Siraluun Claw Scissors Icon.jpg = Jollium-bandage-scissors.jpg

Item Tink Skill Check

Create Spool of Silk

Silk + Spinning Wheel = Spool of Silk

Silk Icon.jpg + Spinning Wheel Icon.jpg = Spool of Silk Icon.jpg

Create Flag

Spool of Silk + Loom = Flag

Spool of Silk Icon.jpg + Loom Icon.jpg = Flag Icon.jpg

Create Silken Bandages

Precision Shears + Flag = Silken Bandages

Jollium-bandage-scissors.jpg + Flag Icon.jpg = 5x Jollium-bandage-silk.jpg

Create Hyssop Filled Crucible

Crucible + Hyssop Pea = Hyssop Filled Crucible

Crucible Icon.jpg + Hyssop Pea Icon.jpg = Jollium-bandage-hyssop.jpg

Alchemy Skill Check

Create Herb Filled Crucible

Hyssop Filled Crucible + Amaranth Pea = Herb Filled Crucible

Jollium-bandage-hyssop.jpg + Amaranth Pea Icon.jpg = Jollium-bandage-herbfilled.jpg

Alchemy Skill Check

Create Jollium Powder

Mortar and Pestle + Jollium Shard = Jollium Powder

Mortar and Pestle Icon.jpg + Jollium-shard.jpg = Jollium-bandage-powder.jpg

Alchemy Skill Check

Create Jollium Poultrices

Herb Filled Crucible + Jollium Powder = Jollium Poultrices

Jollium-bandage-herbfilled.jpg + Jollium-bandage-powder.jpg = Jollium-bandage-combined.jpg

Alchemy Skill Check

Create Jollium-Infused Healing Kit

Jollium Poultrices + Silken Bandages = Jollium-Infused Healing Kit

Jollium-bandage-combined.jpg + Jollium-bandage-silk.jpg = Jollium-bandage.jpg

Healing Skill Check