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Welcome to Derptide! Navigate through three essential commands: /cash, /bank, and /lum. Here's a straightforward guide with a note about Virindi Item Tool compatibility.

Cash and Direct Deposits Banking and Luminance Alternative Currency and Gambling

Managing Cash with /cash

Open Cash Menu: /cash

Key Actions: List, Give, and Take

  • /cash <verb> [name]
  • /cash list -- prints balance along with items available for stored currency
  • /cash give -- deposits all pyreals and Trade Notes
  • /cash take [name] [amount=1] -- withdraws an amount of the named item
    • Example: /cash take mmd 10 -- takes 10 MMD Notes
    • Example: /cash take pyreal 50000 -- takes 50,000 pyreal

Direct Deposit & Vendors

With Direct Deposit on, cash goes to your cash bank. Vendors can pull directly from your cash bank balance without you needing pyreal in your packs.

Turning Direct Deposit Off

You can disable direct deposit by using /ddt

Virindi Item Tool

Virindi Item Tool does not auto fill your comps with direct deposit on, so you may want to disable direct deposit if you use this feature. There is a work around however.

Keep Direct Deposit On with Pack Trick:

  • Keep direct deposit on.
  • Reserve pack space for 100,000 pyreals (4 pack slots).
  • Use /cash take pyreal 100000 to fill your pack.
  • This tricks Virindi Item Tool into thinking you always have that amount until your bank runs out of pyreals.

Banking with /bank

Access the Bank: /bank

Quick Actions: List shows options; Give deposits, Take withdraws.

The bank will store your note currency as well as alternative currencies.

  • /bank <verb> [name|id [amount=1|*]]
  • /bank list -- prints bankable items, with the amount stored and held
  • /bank store [name|id [amount=1|*]] -- stores a specified amount or all available of an Item matching part of the name or all of the ID
    • Example: /bank store derpcoin 200 -- stores 200 Derpcoins
  • /bank take [name|id [amount=1|*]] -- does the opposite of store
  • Tip: /bank give ancient m * -- would deposit all Ancient Mhoire coins

Handling Lum with /lum

Lum Commands: /lum

Lum Quick Tips: Give Lum with /lum give [amount]. Take Lum to max with /lum take *.

  • /lum <verb>
  • /lum give -- deposits all
  • /lum take -- withdraws enough to hit max if available

Alternative Currency

  • MMD
  • Infused Amber Shard
  • Small Olthoi Venom Sac
  • A'nekshay Token
  • Ornate Gear Marker
  • Colosseum Coin
  • Ancient Mhoire Coin
  • Promissory Note
  • Derp Coin
  • Cakru Idol
  • Frozen Tome
  • Tumerok Signet Ring

Gambling Tokens

You can now buy tokens from the /cash bank

To buy low- mid- high-stake tokens, type:

/cash take [token-type] [qty], example /cash take High-Stakes 10

Token costs

Low-Stakes: 100,000 pyreal (1 M note)/token

Mid-Stakes: 200,000 pyreal (1 MM note)/token

High-Stakes: 500,000 (2 MMD notes)/token