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The Arcanum Safehold is a safe haven for all players to congregate and the social hub of Derptide!

Inside you'll find special NPC vendors, crafters, collectors, tailors, tinker helpers, buff bots, and a bartender along with many players who are hanging out forming quest groups, chatting, and trading.

You can get to Arcanum Safehold in the Town Network and Marketplace, and a one-time use portal gem in the Pathwarden chest.

You'll also find a lifestone, hometown bind stone, and you can fast travel around Dereth with portals to the Town Network, Jungle Subway, Abandoned Subway, and Derptide's Community Storage Portal. Additionally, there is a special Arctic North Hunting Grounds Portal 180+ where players can begin their custom Jollium Armor & Weapons crafting needs.

NPC Description NPC Description NPC Description
Spellsgift.jpg Our resident Virindi Tutor will help you learn your 1-6 spells for all schools! Make sure to turn your gem into the Agent of the Arcanum to add them to your spell book. Buffers.jpg See both Sausage McBuffin for level 7 buffs and Curmudgeon's Envoy for additional buffs. Thrydwulf.jpg Thrydwulf travels between here and the Adventurers Guild to offer full level 8 buffs for an MMD.
SnowyValleyMerch.jpg If you're looking to get to Snowy Valley quick, the Snowy Valley Merch sells gems on the cheap to open a portal for your whole group. Noobgear.jpg If you've just arrived on Dereth and made your way to Safehold, Shopkeeper Yoshi Deshi and his pal the Virindi Armorer can help you get started with great starter gear, weapons, wands, packs, and more. MuleBooster.jpg Mule Booster can give your holders just the boost they need with fixed stats and four 102 slot packs, you'll have space for days. Also opens up the 8th slot for extra storage.
Archmage.jpg Archmage for all your component and mana stone needs. Monroe and Marid.jpg Monroe and Marid have sent their identical twins to Safehold, where it's really happening, to give out weekly stipends to adventurers'. Swing by and grab yours today, then spend it in the same place. ArcanumBroker.jpg The Arcanum Broker is here to buy your goods and sell you trade notes of all different variants!
Tailoring Vendors
Ciriaco.jpg See Ciriaco if you're looking to reduce your armor to fit single slots or want to move a piece of armor over the top of another to perfect your look. Voipy.jpg For some Derpcoin, Voipy sells armor tailoring for some of the games most iconic looks. Find your prepatch and not-in-game looks here! Derce.jpg For some Derpcoin, Derece sells weapon tailoring for some highly sought after weapon looks to apply to your loot gen items!
Arcanum Leather Crafter.jpg The Arcanum Leather Crafter, if you couldn't guess, will trade your hides assorted other items in exchange for completed items and xp. Pagrok The Stone Collector.jpg Pagrok The Stone Collector is particular about his stones, but if you've got something he might be interested in, he'll give you a good deal and reward you well. OlthoiHunter.jpg The Olthoi Hunter collects all sorts of Olthoi trophies. If you've got something an Olthoi dropped, come see if he is interested.
Specialty Vendors
Derpcoinvendor.jpg If you've got Derpcoin burning a hole in your pocket, Sir Prizes is the NPC for you. He sells all sorts of goodies, from xp and lum gems, special portal recall scrolls, foolproof salvage, slayers, and even a diamond golem summon. Packorganizer.jpg If you are constantly forgetting where you put your summons and which bag your weapons go into, Grote' Zak sells specialty pack markers for 10 MMDs to help you keep organized. Nawaf.jpg Nawaf can make any player look good! For an MMD, you can change your characters looks at his house of haircuts. He also has the special capability of grounding Empyrean's to stop them from floating!
Lumvendordef.jpg Got a great piece of armor or undies, but there's a missile defense requirement on it? No one has missile D anymore, and Lansky the Dodger knows it and is capitalizing on it. For 50,000 lum, he'll craft you a gem to drop that missile req to 100. Lumvendorarcane.jpg Enoch the Scholar saw how much Lansky the Dodger was making, so he decided to get in on the action. For 50,000 lum, he'll make you a gem that lowers arcane lore requirements down low enough (300 activation requirement) a noob can equip it. Raretradebuff.jpg Ted the Tinkerer won't tink your stuff for you, that's below him; but he will sell you a tinker hammer that boosts your tinking and other skills so high, you'll feel like a god. But it doesn't come cheap and it doesn't last long, so make sure you've got everything in line before you buy your God Hammer Tinkerer's Hammer.
We Don't Question NPCs
ShowerGuy.jpg The Shower Guy dropped in one day, started stripping as he walked through Safehold, dropping cheese and towels as he went, and popped into the shower. Hasn't left since. You can visit him, if you want... IslandBoy.jpg Island Boy, much like Shower Guy came into Safehold randomly yelling on the regular, and hasn't stopped. We all do have a bit of jealousy of his tan however.